Complex Support and Forensic Disability

People transitioning from institutional care often require high-level support to be safe, respected and empowered.

We are very sensitive to the importance of this work and provide specialised services that support inclusion and the participation of friends, family and supporters in the lives of our clients.

Our leadership team has strong connections with departments, agencies, and service providers, ensuring that support plans are robust, well-considered and adhere to regulatory requirements.

Clinical Services

As people grow, needs change, and supports plans must adapt and evolve.

Our team includes highly qualified staff that coordinate access to medical and therapeutic services and modify support plans as required.

AGCS is a connected, fast and agile organisation that adapts quickly to changing needs.

Disability Services

We provide safe, private, comfortable, and friendly homes in Darwin and the rural area designed to enhance the lives and wellbeing of our participants.

These homes provide options for people who want to live more independently, decide where they live and who they live with.

We understand the importance of active support and encourage our participants to be involved as much as they can in the tasks associated with daily living.

Housing and Accommodation

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